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Strolling 2

Strolling 2 Group

The Strolling 2 group is gradually building up its numbers for the short easier walks being provided for those Ramblers who are just finding their feet (so to speak).

There is, however, considerable difficulty in finding leaders, especially because a group of this nature, serving those at the ‘entry’ level of our walking, does not of itself have many walkers who have the skills or ability to lead.

So through this notice we are looking to encourage anyone with the interest and ability to lead some easy walks of up to 4 miles to come forward to help the group.

If you may be interested please contact me on 01768 890390 or through e-mail at thelmaallan@btinternet,com


Thelma Allan
Strolling 2 co-ordinator

• Posted: 12 Oct 2019

Downloading Newsletters

Newsletter entries selected are downloadable to your own device or can be read directly on the website. Documents are currently in .docx format but you should be able to convert them to .pdf if required.

• Posted: 16 Mar 2017

Go Outdoors Discount for Ramblers

Calling all Ramblers
All Penrith Ramblers Members are eligible for an offer from the store 'Go Outdoors', the gist of which is set out below.
'Go Outdoors' has offered their Community Discount on their goods which may interest you. Just take your Ramblers membership card and get the 10% discount. If you already have a 'Go Outdoors' Card you will receive both discounts subject to the restriction mentioned below. There is a proviso about terms and conditions in the small print, eg not off WOW deals or SALE items or MULTIBUYS, and proof of Ramblers membership MUST be shown to receive the discount.

• Posted: 25 Jul 2016

Shorter 'Strolls'

Many people love the idea of walking but would not be able to manage a big or challenging walk to begin with.
A shorter walks programme (Eden Strollers), commenced on Wednesday 13th January 2016, described as ‘easy’ or ‘leisurely’ are now incorporated into the regular walks programme These walks offer something to a) keen walkers who don’t have time for a longer walk, b) to existing Ramblers members who find the current programme too challenging and c) to those walkers who have become fitter through health walks and are looking for a new challenge. The walks are:- led by a Ramblers member with a back marker, on a planned route with a clear start and end (usually Penrith Rugby Union Club car park), of no more than five miles, at a pace that is not too fast, on manageable terrain, run weekly on a Wednesday and, of course, friendly with a chance to socialise in a café or a pub at the end of the walk.
Penrith Ramblers' Chairman or Secretary will put you in touch with further information.

• Posted: 20 Sep 2015